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After the February 2021 coup d’état in Burma, the military junta violently captured and imprisoned thousands of people who participated in anti-coup and civil disobedience movements. Many protestors had to flee the country, amongst them many artists and creators. Most of them are now in hiding and/or in exile since the ruling junta issued arrest warrants under sections 505 (A), 505 (B), and other related laws against them. These artists have lost their homes, possessions, and careers in Burma. Many of them seem to be secure from the threat after arriving in the liberated area, however, they are still in a vulnerable situation with economic hardship resulting from income loss, unemployment, job instability, and associated other social issues. What is more, with art being a way of expressing opinions and feelings beyond words, the junta is trying to take their voice away.

Artists’ Shelter aims to support and protect artists in exile.