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Artists’ Shelter is a private, nonprofit organization founded by Myanmar artists in exile. We are based in Mae Sot, Thailand where we support other Myanmar artists in exile and hiding. Our members come from all kinds of artistic fields, such as filmmaking, music, photography, literature, visual art and performing art., etc.


Our mission is to support and protect Myanmar artists in exile and hiding, by providing them with a safe space to create and showcase their artwork. Through our programs, we aim to raise awareness of the ongoing political situation in Myanmar, foster solidarity with those fighting for democracy, empower artists to tell their stories through their art, and seek more support for the democratic movements in Myanmar.


Our vision is to create an environment, a safe space where artists can come together, create, share ideas & inspirations, freely express themselves, and be exactly this: artists. We envision a future where Myanmar artists in hiding and exile can create and share their artwork without fear of persecution, and where their voices can be heard and celebrated. We strive to build a community of artists who inspire & support each other, and who work together to create positive change in Myanmar.


  • To create a safe space where artists in exile can come together to share their experiences and find inspiration
  • To foster a creative space where artists can continue to create/follow their passion
  • To empower Myanmar artists in exile to tell their stories through art and, therefore, to regain their voice and agency
  • To raise awareness both nationally and internationally for the political situation/the civil war in Burma and the junta‚Äôs violent rule that includes gross human rights violations on a daily basis
  • To foster solidarity with artists and others that have to flee Burma
  • To assemble all scattered talent, skill, and expertise of artists to become a strong force for exemplifying the voices of people in Myanmar to the world.