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Our program is to support and protect Myanmar artists in hiding and exile. We strongly believe in the artists’ continuation of their creations regardless of their challenges and location. For this reason, we aim to support these artists to find a way to keep making art and to survive as artists. Moreover, through their artwork, we aim to raise awareness of what is happening within Myanmar, foster solidarity with everyone standing up against the military junta, and seek more support for the democratic movements in Myanmar.


  • Providing Funding for Artists’ Shelter’s Program
  • Receiving Service from Artist’s Shelter [Working with Artists’ Shelter for preferred artistic services of your organization’s [Such as films, music, graphic Design, drawing, etc.,]
  • Purchasing of the artists’ creation
  • Sponsoring the individual artist’s creation [feature films, music videos, exhibitions, etc.,]

+66 98-026-2098
[email protected]