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Movie Name: OUR TURN
Running Time: 19 min
Director: Na Gyi (Myanmar)
Cast: Aung Myint Myat, Paing Phyoe Thu, Kaung Kaung (Kyee Kan)

After the ‘21 Myanmar coup d’état, Activists and CDMers are being brutally captured and imprisoned. Most activists and CDMers have to flee to safe areas of the country, Aung is among them. Aung is a CDM doctor who is helping as a teacher at a small school near the Myanmar-Thailand border. Ma Aye Mya comes to school every day to look for her dead son. She became mentally ill after her son was killed in Myanmar military air raid. Aung is frustrated that even though he sympathizes with Ma Aye Mya but he couldn’t help her much. At his school clinic, Aung meets Htoo Htoo who lost one of his legs recently. Later Aung finds out that Htoo Htoo used to be a professional footballer and he still couldn’t let go of the fact that he won’t be able to play football again. Aung tries so hard to defuse both Ma Aye Mya and Htoo Htoo’s trauma while he is still struggling with his own. Will Aung be able to help Ma Aye Mya and Htoo Htoo during the hard time of the Myanmar crisis?

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